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Tuesday, February 20th, 2024



 I purchased the Parenting By The Book program for use in the Christian Women's Job Corps program in our city. When I gave the women their very own books two days ago, the participants were very excited.  "I like him" was a comment spoken outloud (meaning John Rosemond) and the others agreed.  His visual presentations are well done and reveal Mr. Rosemond's winsome, and sometimes impish, self.  All of the women were thrilled to get their own copy of the book -- it was as if no one had ever given them anything, and certainly not a book.

I've taught Parenting in two sessions  (of 15 weeks each) prior to this one, using principles in "Because I Said So," and an old video I got from John Rosemond in Honolulu in 1995 or 1996  -- it is SO GOOD to read in "Parenting By The Book" that in the last decade, Mr. Rosemond has seen the light of Christ in his personal life, and come to the realization that his views on parenting are based on the Bible!  His is an uphill battle -- chaffing against the goad of the mental health establishment -- and I'm positive that his crusade is by divine appointment.  Go John Rosemond!

Birmingham, AL


“The study program helps parents take a serious look at their parenting philosophy. It
gives parents a map that is centered on biblical principles and a practical plan for raising their children in today's world.”


Jo Dillard - Early Education Principal, Southside Christian School, Simpsonville, SC

I just finished reading "PBTB" and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is! Great book with excellent advice. I've read most of your books and agree with your advice 100% It is great to have at least one person out there who has great advice on raising children.  Thanks for writing and I'll keep reading. 

Sincerely, Linda




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