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Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

Comments from Seminar Participants

John Rosemond recently presented “Parenting by The Book” to 9 couples in Jacksonville, Florida. The seminar began with an introductory session on Thursday night and went from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The following are written comments made by participants at the close of Saturday’s session: 

 “Excellent practical learning…The Christian aspect of this seminar was very refreshing. We hope to apply as many of these principles as possible and wish that the rest of America could and would listen to this message.”

“This has been the second best gift anyone has ever given me — my salvation being the best. It will also be the best gift that my husband and I can give our son. Thank you and God bless you.”

“Thank you so much! We were informed, empowered, and entertained. Your information is common sense, and it’s amazing how natural I felt after practicing some of the principles last night. We’re planning our very own ‘Rosemond Revolution’ in the near future!”

“You hit the nail right on the head concerning problems we’ve been having with our 8-year-old. It was worth every minute and penny to come to this presentation. We can’t wait to get started with the ‘cure’. I highly recommend this program to one and all.”

“This was an outstanding workshop. Our prayer is that the truths shared in this workshop would be wide spread. It has been very helpful hearing the truth so plainly put. The practical advice given in this workshop is invaluable.”

“Thank you for your time, encouragement, direction, and support. May God bless your ministry.”
“Wonderful insights…a very doable approach. I feel well-armed in more effectively parenting my children.”

“Eye-opening! As a woman, wife, and mother I feel emancipated! I highly recommend your seminar to all.”

“This is the sort of experience that we will look back on as the watershed of our child-rearing. Thank you for cutting through the nonsense and showing us the timeless lessons we need.”

Note: The obvious advantage to a small group setting is that each participant receives "personal time" from John. There's also plenty of time for Q&A. For booking a small group session (no more than 12 couples) of "Parenting by The Book," contact Elizabeth Stevens at or by phone 919-403-8712

On March 28 and 29, 2003, John presented "Parenting by The Book" to an
audience of nearly 400 at Wesleyan Church of Hamburg, Hamburg, New York. This is a sampling of the written comments John received at the end of the seminar.

"Your presentation was excellent! I have a renewed sense of energy and frame of mind to work together with my wife in the discipline of our children." 

"I feel refreshed as a parent!"

"I truly appreciated your genuine interest and desire to help parents make a difference in their children's lives."

"I'm totally refreshed and energized, and I've got my vision for discipline back!"


"Thank God for the work you do!"

"Thank you for a great seminar. God bless you."

"I came with my fiance', and we feel privileged to have been here today. Having children will be a lot less scary now."

"I feel blessed and empowered by the common sense knowledge you have empowered." 
"An awesome seminar!"

"I am heading home with a weight lifted from my shoulders." 

"Great ideas to help parents reconnect with the Bible in how they raise their children."

"I now feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel with some of the issues we've been dealing with at home."

"I am uplifted and encouraged."

"I wish I could have heard you 20 years ago. You were great!"

"Thank you for stiffening my backbone."

"This has opened my eyes!"

"Your seminar was informative, full of common sense, and best of all, all based on Scripture. Thanks!"

"You affirmed that my intuition on how to raise my children is correct, and that I shouldn't be afraid to go against currently popular ways of raising children."

"It was a pleasure listening to you."

"This presentation was outstanding! I wish my whole family could have been here."
"This just makes so much sense!"

"God is obviously guiding you in your work and I give praise for your obedience to His will."

"You are a truly gifted speaker. You didn't say 'um' once!"

"We have seven children and we now have tools to get the chaos and confusion in our family to stop."

"I feel liberated! Thank you for taking the time to teach us the Truth!"

"Thank you for teaching us what God says about raising our children and for reminding us that His Word is the example we should follow in everything we do."

"I'm going to run home, kick my son out of the Garden of Eden, and start this now!"

"This seminar was the answer to my prayers!" 

"I'm going to call my mother when I get home and tell her she was right!"

"You may have saved my relationship with my husband." 

"I'm going home to alleviate the chaos in my house and stop waiting on my children hand and foot."

"I feel challenged to put my marriage first."

"Inspired and inspiring seminar!"

"This has been life-changing!"

"Great job! I'm going to use this in my classroom as well as in my home."

On Friday and Saturday, February 28 and March 1, 2003, John presented "Parenting by THE BOOK" in its entirety to an audience of some 140 parents in Destin, Florida. He was sponsored by Destin United Methodist Church, Immanuel Anglican Church, and other community outreach organizations. Here are a sample of comments from participants:

"Your seminar was inspiring and informative. My prayers are with you in hopes that more people will be open to what you are saying."

"Every time I see you, God speaks through you. You have been so blessed. You are interesting, funny, and a great messenger. You are obviously on a mission and this is God's plan for you."

"You truly have a gift and we appreciate you sharing it with us."

"This has been a wonderful seminar. It has truly motivated the leap from post-modern psychological parenting to traditional parenting. My husband has known this all along, but I wouldn't listen and stood in the way. Thank you for opening my eyes and getting me out of the way so God can work in our home."

"If only more parents had a chance to listen to you, our communities would be more civilized."
"We are blessed to have had you so up close and personal."

"Thank you for your eye-opening information and for your outstanding presentation!"

"Never a dull moment!"

"Terrific seminar! Enjoyed it thoroughly!"

"Thank you for presenting the truth to us this weekend. great workshop!"

"I wish there were about a hundred of you! This information is so needed. Thank you for being so willing to devote your life to this work. It makes a difference."

"Thank you for keeping it practical and simple."

"Awesome! Thanks is not saying enough."



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