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Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

Seminar Outline

Parenting by THE BOOK
John K. Rosemond, M.S.
Weekend Seminar/Retreat
(All material Copyright 2001, 2006 John K. Rosemond) 

Session One – (Friday evening or Saturday morning)
Traditional, Scripture-based child-rearing vs. postmodern psychological parenting
Scripture: Rom.1:22-25, Ex. 20:12, Col. 2:8, Gen.11:5, Deu. 6:6-7
Self-esteem vs. self-respect and respect for others
Scripture: Pr. 22:6, Matt. 5:5, Luke 15:11, Is. 2:12, Rom. 12:3-7

The "Good Mother" trap: How postmodern psychological parenting has stripped the modern mother of permission to claim her authority over her child, to the detriment of the child, the mother, and the marriage.
Scripture: Pr. 20:11, Gen 2:22-24

Session Two – (Saturday morning)
The Stumbling Blocks of Postmodern Psychological Parenting
Scripture: Pr. 22:15, Ps. 51:5, Gen. 3:22, Pr. 1:7, Pr. 9:10, Pr. 14:27, Pr. 16:6
"If you depart from God's Plan in any area of life, you will experience negative consequences," says John. The negative consequences of departing from God's plan for child rearing.
God's Clear Instructions to parents and children.
Scripture: 1Sam. 15:23, Pr. 3:12, Heb. 12:6-8, Col. 3:20, Pr. 1:8-9, Pr. 23:22-25

Session Three – (Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon)
Effective Discipline is a Mindset, not a set of Methods
The Three C's of Effective Discipline
Commanding communication: Pr. 6:23
Compelling Consequences: Heb. 12:11
A Commitment of Consistency: Eph.6:4

Session Four – (Saturday afternoon)
But if you want methods...In which John builds a comprehensive discipline plan that will cover just about any behavior problem that one can imagine...discipline that really works!


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